Document #34 | Pivot

I did not see it coming but the days spent in this program has had a great influence on me. This program is a taste of the world of entrepreneurship and startups and it’s reinforced to me that you should just take risks and go for it, life is too short. I have decide I no longer want to be a programmer.

I’ve always been highly interested in marketing and the hustle behind it but never saw it as a viable route in terms of financial and job security. But the keynotes presented by successful individuals in the field today has finally tipped me to make this decision. Another reason why I did not take up marketing was because I knew I had nothing to actually apply what I learnt on. But I am now part of a promising team and a startup with amazing opportunities.

All my idols and the people I look up to are marketing ninjas which kind of shows where my passion has been all along. I definitely would not have been in this position without my short stint as a programmer, so I am grateful for that journey. I’ve loved engaging with the dev community as well as connecting with all you programming beasts and thank those who helped me throughout the process and those who were there for a chat. Thank you.

I will continue to try release dope content but don’t know what yet! It may seem like a drastic and sudden change but in my eyes, I have only slightly pivoted and I am still chasing that north star. Excited to see where this new avenue takes me.

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Document #33 | And it begins!

Planned to blog everyday but the days are so intense, basically by the time I’m back at the residence it is time to prepare and sleep for the next day.

The program here is insane, it is clear that a lot of time, effort and resources were funnelled into it.

Everyday a bus picks us up at 9am,¬†we get to the venue and sit through 3 key notes presented by experts and professionals from around the world which go for an hour each. Then from 3pm to 8pm, teams continue to work on their startups with mentors. It is an unreal feeling being surrounded by innovators, free thinkers, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. There are some idea’s here that really do have the potential to disrupt or make the world a little better. This whole program is the kind of thing I would love to watch as a reality tv show or a documentary, but I’m actually living it.

Our team consists of 5 people, all Australians from Victoria University. On the first day, there was some conflict and I was rethinking my decision to join the team as I had not fully committed yet but we sat down, communicated and are now pretty bloody great as a team. Conflict is absolutely important for any kind of team or members within a collaborative space, without pain there isn’t any gain. It is healthy to have polarising personalities so long as their is a mutual understanding and vision of the overall purpose of the team.

It is only Day 3 and we are making super solid progress, the other members are researching and creating reports to validate the problem and solution and we really think there is an untapped market on our hands. While on my side, I have already started coding our platform and it wont be long until I have the skeleton of our minimum viable product ready.

On Day 1, we were told to be very weary of how we spend our days, as this is a 15 day accelerator program, 1-2 days can be equivalent to weeks. There are still some teams which are having trouble coming up or settling on an idea, so I am really grateful that my team is rock solid and executing! Tomorrow we are heading to Milan for customer validation, surveying and speaking to strangers to verify whether or not the problem is worth solving, it will be interesting as I only know 4 words in Italian.

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Document #32 | Settling in

Hi all,

First I’d like to just convey that I will only be posting on this blog once in a while, I don’t want to saturate it with posts just for the sake of blogging. When I feel there is something genuinely worthwhile posting or I’ve accumulated enough content for a post, I will opt to throw it on here. My Instagram (@jonathanpucc) has been my main channel for content, I regularly post on there and it’s the documentation of my journey through an insight of my day-to-day activities, goals and perspectives.

I arrived in Vienna a week ago and I am now in Budapest, initially I was more excited about Vienna, but Budapest has already left a great impression on my first day. There is a unique vibe here that you cannot really put into words.

My first few days in Europe were quite difficult, a bit anxious being alone in a foreign country. But as time went on and I began to interact with the cities more, it subsided. I can clearly see myself growing and changing as I continue to be put in unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable situations, you can only grow when you are in your stretch zone!

The innovation program is only 8 days away and I cannot wait, I’ve already joined an awesome group from my university but we are still searching for another developer to work beside me as well as a CFO. It’d be pretty cool if the team were all Melbourne based so our operations would be centralised as we plan to grow our startup in Melbourne then branch out, but the number of Australian’s attending are severely limited. But with the technology today, there are no issues when working with people on the other side of the world.


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