Document #24 | Recalibration needed

Yesterday I experienced one of my worst days ever, completely unproductive filled with stress and anxiety. I sat in front of my laptop all day and could not process any information at all. I soon realised what was going on and wrote this with the intent that it will serve as a reminder and allow me to recalibrate myself when needed.

“You’ve placed immense pressure on yourself to be something that can only manifest with time and patience and in return you’ve sacrificed the other joys of life. No, an hour break won’t make you fall behind and yes it is okay to consume media that won’t bring value to you every now and then.

Don’t let your stream of thoughts or your life for that matter be dominated by one thing because it will soon consume you and what once brought you happiness will soon be the root cause of unhappiness.

Is there such a thing as over hustling? Maybe. It is approximately 10:38pm 25th April, and I’m going to watch an episode of Rick and Morty.”

Document #23 | An evening with Eckhart Tolle

Last night I was  fortunate enough to attend a seminar delivered by whom I believe to be the most spiritually influential person in the world today, Eckhart Tolle.
A large portion of Eckhart’s teaching is that the ego and thinking mind has been the root cause of dysfunctions humanity has seen since its existence. Human’s are under the grip of the ego and thinking mind and believe it to be their ‘identity’ and who they are. This has caused nothing but suffering for all throughout thousands of years. Eckhart’s aim is for humanity to awaken from such unconsciousness.
The seminar went on for two hours and It would be an absolute injustice if I tried condensing it into one blog post but here’s one thing I did take away, he spoke about embracing the present moment and I boiled it down to this.
The present moment is all that we have. We spend time waiting for the future and believe it will be better than the present. We think that the future holds something we desire or it can rid us of a life situation we are currently in. But the future does not exist, when the “future” does come, it comes to us again as the present moment and is only lived through the now. When we spend time wishing for something that doesn’t actually exist, our lives will pass us by, and in the end it was because we spent our lives wishing away the only thing we had.
Eckhart Tolle hopes all his teachings will manifest into what he calls “A New Earth”, a world where humans no longer identify themselves with their ego or the thinking mind and begin to awaken true consciousness by understanding the “I Am”. I was surprised by the amount of millennials that were in attendance at the event. It’s awesome to see the momentum this movement is picking up. More and more people are seeking spiritual enlightenment, gaining further insight into not only themselves but the oneness of humanity and therefore living a much richer life with minimal suffering. At the end of the night Eckhart received an extraordinary standing ovation, truly amazing how much positive impact he was able to have on thousands of people within a span of 2 hours.

Document #22 | What is the meaning of life?!

Joe lives quite a nice simple life, is in great health, financially comfortable, a loving family and great friends he can turn to. Joe turns up to work, a co-worker asks “Hey Joe! What’d you get up to the weekend?”, “Hmm, I don’t remember!” as he laughs it off. A year later Joe runs into an old college friend, “Joe! My man, it’s been so long! What have you gotten up to the past year?”. Joe again cant really recall anything of significance, “Oh man you know, not much just work and stuff!” Now imagine how terrible Joe will feel towards the end of his life when he reflects upon that one burning question “Okay Joe, what have I been up to my whole life?” and he really cannot recall anything. Joe might have lived a long life but he only experienced a short one.

I think there are many people out there who are in a rut and are trying to find the meaning of their own lives, maybe its a career change, maybe they want to move countries, maybe they want to follow their dreams or maybe even start a family. “Buridan’s ass” tells the story of a donkey that is both hungry and thirsty standing dead in the middle between a stack of hay and water, it can’t decide which to choose first and soon dies of thirst and hunger. It details the paradox in the conception of free will, we have the freedom to choose yet we are usually the one’s holding ourselves back. It’s you versus you.

I believe the answer to the age-old question of life is quite simple;

Life inherits the meaning that we give to it”

If you are in a rut then try new things, make mistakes. What makes us so special as a species is that we are quite adaptable and when something doesn’t work it doesn’t take us long to pivot and head in a new direction.

Don’t be Joe or an ass.